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Constant Stranger: After Frank Stanford Enters Second Printing

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One year from its publication on the 40th anniversary of the poet Frank Stanford’s death, the earth-turning anthology Constant Stranger: After Frank Stanford is coming back in a second printing.

Constant Stranger is the result of the incredible generosity and energy of contributors, advisers, donors, and friends. This second print run, however, comes in the middle of our production cycle for several exciting 2020 titles and surprise projects—putting a significant strain on our finances. If you’d like to help our all-volunteer staff share this work with a wider audience, here are a few suggestions:

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  • Send a tax-deductible donation to Arts Services Initiative of Western New York, earmarked for Foundlings Press

    • A donation of $50 or more will get you a copy of Constant Stranger signed by the editors along with Strays Pack 1 and Pack 2 as soon as they are available.

Praise for Constant Stranger

The diverse voices assembled in Constant Stranger suggest the time is right for common readers to discover this “poet’s poet” as well.

- Leo A. Lensing, The Times Literary Supplement

Constant Stranger offers readers a place to explore and to problematize the wholly unique effects of his poems, and to grapple with the charismatic but flawed poet behind them.

- Jack Christian, Rain Taxi Review

Constant Stranger: After Frank Stanford was released August 1, 2018, celebrated with a small event in Buffalo, NY that month, and officially launched at the second Frank Stanford Literary Festival hosted by Open Mouth in Fayetteville, Arkansas in September 2018.