Recent Titles from Foundlings Press


Recent titles from Foundlings Press include a poetry chapbook, a multigenre collection, a book of essays, zines, and “strays.” Read on or click the link below to visit our full catalog.


I Know You Know

New poetry from Gerry Crinnin
and Peter Temes


Strays pack 1

Poetry by kazim ali, andrew grace, and Freya Daly Sadgrove

Strays is a project celebrating language loved, lost, and rediscovered. Printed and hand-bound in Buffalo by the Foundlings team, books in the Strays series capture experiments, excerpts, odd sequences, found poetry, and material from the cutting floor. Strays hang together, and are never sold individually — only in packs. Each cover features the poet’s interpretation of the Foundlings logo and brandmark, Wally.

strays 1 group.png

constant stranger

after frank stanford

The diverse voices assembled in Constant Stranger suggest the time is right for common readers to discover this “poet’s poet” as well.

- Leo A. Lensing, The Times Literary Supplement

Constant Stranger spotlights the accomplishments and enduring influence of the poet Frank Stanford (1948-1978). The book comprises a mix of republished and brand-new tributes, translations, recollections, critical essays, interviews, and more.

Contributors include Terrance Hayes, Forrest Gander, Ada Limon, C.D. Wright …