Foundlings Press Releases I Know You Know by Gerry Crinnin and Peter Temes

Collection Reunites Acclaimed Poets from Both Coasts

(BUFFALO, New York and SEATTLE, Washington, June 4, 2019) Foundlings Press is pleased to announce the first summer release of its 2019 catalog: I Know You Know, by Gerry Crinnin and Peter Temes.

I Know You Know marks the first reunion (on paper) of Crinnin and Temes since the poets studied under Milton Kessler at Binghamton University in the 80s. Designed to be read inward from either cover, the book is a collision of poetry spanning the full length of these poets’ storied careers, which saw them take up teaching and writing positions on opposite sides of the country. Separately and together, the poets bear witness to births and deaths, marriages and friendships, wars and subtler struggles. The book includes a collection of color and black-and-white photographs of both poets through the years.

Advance Praise for I Know You Know

Take two highly literary buddies, a Catholic kid and a Jew. Add twenty-five years, numerous colleges and degrees, families, kids, a copious amount of philosophical musing and a shake of sarcasm; toss them in a bowl with some brotherly love, and voilà— you get I KNOW YOU KNOW.

This book is quasi bipolar romp, generated from somewhere between genius and the Marx Brother. Expect wild imaginings of decades-thick friends and great, beautiful dollops of heart. In these pages find a man who falls in love in a public library, a man who admires cork, and a lot of homage to literary greats.

Trigger Warning: Also in these pages pets will die. Poets will have orgies. There will be some heavy drinking.

In the Interest of Open Disclosure: This reviewer is not practiced in the art of reading upside down on her laptop. Also, this reviewer might be the subject of one of these poems.

  • Elizabeth Cohen, author of The Family on Beartown Road (Random House)

About Gerry Crinnin

Gerry Crinnin, a native of Syracuse,is an ex-U.S. Navy journalist who used the G.I. Bill to get a Master’s degree from Brown and a Ph.D. from Binghamton University. For 23 years Crinnin taught English and writing classes at Jamestown Community College. His work has appeared most notably in Modern American Poetry. His most recent book is Haiku to the Chief (Ghost City Press 2016), a series of 43 haiku — one for each U.S. president.

About Peter Temes

A remarkable thinker and do-er ...

  • Robert Coles

Both inspired and inspiring ...

  • New York Sun

Peter Temes is a writer and teacher now living in Seattle with the writer Judy Temes. Peter was born and raised in Brooklyn when no one wanted to live in Brooklyn, went to college in Binghamton NY where he fell under the crooked wing of Gerry Crinnin, and studied as a graduate student at Columbia. He's taught at just about every level from grade-school to doctoral courses, with full-time appointments at Harvard, Northeastern, and the Pacific Hills School in Los Angeles. He travels a great deal for his business, the Institute for Innovation in Large Organizations. He'd like to spend more time reading and talking about Sor Juana, Whitman, Frank O'Hara, Houston Person, and Milton Kessler.


63 pages


ISBN: 978-0-9997539-5-8

Retail: $16

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