We seek to publish - in paper and ink - the best writing. We take our ethic and aesthetic from the Canon Law of the Roman Catholic Church. Not all of it; just Canon 1115, which closes with the provoking observation that "Foundlings are presumed to be legitimate until the contrary is proved." 

We also take direction from Coco Chanel, who observed that “style is all that endures.” 

We did not launch Foundlings for any single reason -- it is not a declaration, a manifesto, or a univocal protest. We pledge allegiance to no ideology or school. Like The "Irish Airman" of Yeats' poem, we followed a "lonely impulse of delight" up into the clouds. Whatever we've done since then belongs to the realm of the reader's interpretation. 

We are fond of found text and images. We listen to other people's conversations, ready to catch and take in any cast off and abandoned language. We are in an open relationship with English. 

While we will read any and every submission with interest and attention, there are some consistencies among the writers we end up publishing and promoting: They read; they revise; they are unhesitant; they do not posture; they do their best to tell the truth; and they have phenomenal ears. 

Once a Foundling, always a Foundling. While our writers publish widely, and may give most of their pages to much bigger, better known, longer established presses and publications, we will work tirelessly to nurture their careers and to promote them for as long as we continue to read, write, publish, and talk about books. 

We are devoted to the writers whose efforts throw off the heat that warms the living today, and to the writers whose accomplishments will throw off the light that guides the living tomorrow.


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